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Technical Parameter

32# 46# 68#

Product performance:

The product adopts deep hydrogenation base oil and multi-functional compound additives, especially adding lithium magnetic factor, and is modulated by scientific formula technology.
Excellent wear resistance, reduce the wear of moving parts, maintain the oil viscosity and oil film thickness under shear conditions, and extend the service life of the system.
The excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability make the oil not easy to deteriorate under harsh operating conditions, slow down the decay rate of the oil, and extend the oil change period.
Excellent bubble resistance and air release to ensure accurate power transmission.
Good resistance to emulsification, can be quickly separated from contact water.
Good sealing material compatibility will not cause changes in the hardness and volume of rubber seals to ensure good sealing.

Scope of application:
Engineering equipment requiring the use of HM anti-wear hydraulic oil.
Suitable for all kinds of imported and domestic excavators, loaders, rollers and other construction machinery hydraulic system. Such as Doosan, Hyundai, Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Kobelco, Volvo, Sumitomo, Sany, Xugong and other imported and domestic brands of excavators/loaders.

Packing specification: 4L 18L

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