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Technical Parameter

SN 0W-30  0W-40 5W-40

Product performance

Fully synthetic engine oil: 100% imported base oil, the use of synthetic technology, unique anti-wear technology and clean technology perfect combination, so that the engine is always in good lubrication, bring unparalleled driving experience.
The product complies with API:SN specifications, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption and meet energy saving requirements.
Green and environmental protection: The unique low sulfur and phosphorus additive formulation technology can better protect and extend the service life of the tail gas after-treatment device, effectively reduce emission pollution, and meet the requirements of European V and National V emission standards.
Extreme wear resistance, extended oil change cycle.

Scope of application
It is especially recommended for use in inlet injection gasoline engines and in-cylinder direct injection gasoline engines using multi-valve, variable valve timing (VVT), turbocharging and other technologies.
The product performance meets the OEM specifications requirements of CHRYSLER MS-6395U, GM GM DEXOS1tm, FORD Ford WSS-M2C945-A/946-A, and is suitable for Cleres, GM, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche and other models that require the above oil specifications

Packing specification: 4L 1L

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