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Technical Parameter

Product performance:

The product is made of deep hydrogenation base oil and imported multi-functional compound additives, especially adding lithium magnetic factor, modulated by scientific formula technology.
Meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute API:CJ-4 quality grade standard.
Can effectively reduce engine wear, reduce oil consumption, reduce maintenance costs.
Advanced low sulfur, low phosphorus and low ash formula, prolong the life of various exhaust aftertreatment equipment, and improve its efficiency.
Excellent low temperature performance, easy to start, excellent high temperature performance, providing strong power for the engine to run at high temperature and high speed for a long time.

Scope of application;
Specially tailored for high-end high-horsepower diesel vehicles, suitable for a variety of imported new high-speed high-load, turbocharged, diesel engines.
Recognized by many major Oems, it is especially suitable for integrated fleets with a variety of high-end engines. It is suitable for low-speed diesel engines such as mine, construction, construction machinery, etc., and can adapt to the lubrication needs of high-sulfur fuel.

Packaging specifications; 4L 18L

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