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Technical Parameter

Product performance:

The product adopts deep hydrogenation base oil and multi-functional additives, which is developed for the engine service characteristics of CNG LPG LNG dual-fuel vehicles.
Conforms to the American Cummins CES20074 quality grade standard.
Using nano magnetic composite technology, it has low sulfur, phosphorus, zinc characteristics and repairability.
The product has excellent high temperature wear resistance and oxidation stability, as well as good dispersion characteristics.
With its low sulfur, phosphorus and nano-organic boron addition technology formed a unique formula, has a true sense of energy conservation, environmental protection and durability.

Scope of application:
The products are suitable for high-power engine lubrication using compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum (LPG) as fuel.

Packing specification: 4L 18L

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